Essential Metalworking Fluid Maintenance checks

Following a hot summer and frequent low concentration top ups, this can result in sump expiry being earlier than anticipated due to an increase in bacterial levels. Combined with more active HSE visits, is it time to review your summer machining center maintence?

Machine Clean: A properly cleaned machine tool will reduce your overall fluid costs.

The frequency depends on a number of factors including visual inspection and monitoring results.

In the past fluids were typically only changed when they created an odour. Modern day water-based metalworking fluids have made remarkable strides in improving their bio stability. Despite providing longer sump life it is essential to clean machines to optimize the performance of your fluid, as this will degrade over time with contaminates.

To correctly manage your coolant, your cleanout should include running a system cleaner throughout the machine, dislodging deposits and removing biological residues. The cleaning process is an essential first step in the practice of coolant management, insuring that your coolant has a fair chance at giving maximum performance with minimal problems, whilst ensuring a healthy environment for machine operators.

If the machine is heavily contaminated with foreign oil, swarf, chips or bacteria in combination with a low pH-value. We recommend that the machine should be sanitised and the fluid is changed in the following way:

Clean out procedure with ArrowClean 25020

  1. Add 3-5% concentration of ArrowClean 25020 to the total sump capacity
  2. Circulate for 24 Hours throughout all passages within the Machine tool
  3. Clean all outside surfaces of the machine tool of residue
  4. Stop circulation of machine tool remove all fluid including chips, swarf and deposits from the sump. Clean surrounding area along with pumps, screens and filters
  5. Properly dispose fluid in accordance to local regulations.
  6. Refill with a weak mix 2% to avoid corrosion flush system and Rinse sump area
  7. Empty flushed coolant
  8. Properly dispose of fluid in accordance to local regulations.
  9. Recharge your machine tool with ArrowCool product ensuring the fluid is mixed properly and at the correct concentration.

Remember to always wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


  • Don’t remove swarf and fines from the sump by hand. Use suitable tools, e.g. brushes and shovels and wear suitable cut-resistant protective gloves to prevent injury.
  • Cleaning a large enclosed sump or underfloor tank may create a confined space risk. Ensure you have assessed the risk and put in place measures such as a permit to work system.

Developing and sticking to a proper preventative maintenance program will result in lower fluid cost enhanced tool life and improved operator acceptance. If you have any questions please contact your Chem Arrow distributor or local representative 

Essential maintenance and repairs of your Local Exhaust Ventilation

Working alongside Filtermist, Chem Arrow Europe can provide examination and testing (TExT) of LEV systems - giving you peace of mind that your workforce is protected from exposure to hazardous airborne contaminants and your business is operating in compliance with relevant HSE regulations.

Maintenance checks

  • Cracks, blockages, defects, leaks and poor filtration from your filter unit
  • Fan efficiency – looking at the rotators, unusual vibrations, alignment and impeller issues
  • Operation of other auxiliary parts on your equipment such as shaker motors, drums and bearings

We can also calibrate differential pressure gauges, digital screens and ensure visual indicators, such as the F Monitor and F Monitor 2 used on Filtermist’s oil mist filters, are operating correctly.

Contact your Chem Arrow sales representative or distributor with any questions:


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